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Basic knowledge of audio and video, common audio equipment cables

First, the common audio equipment connection line

One: microphone to mixer: ----- balanced audio cable: XLR male and bus.

Two: Computer to mixing console: --------- Unbalanced stereo audio cable: small three-core to two-headed large two-core.

Three: Musical instrument to DI box -------- unbalanced audio cable: two-headed two-core.

Four: Mixer to peripheral equipment, to power amplifier: ----- Balanced audio cable: XLR male and bus lines.

Five: Amplifier to speaker: Neutrik (Nutrik) speaker plug (Speakon): speaker cable

Six: ins interface line: There is also a breakpoint insertion port (INSERT), the output port of external signal processing equipment, such as reverberator, compressor, etc., so that the processed stereo signal is returned to the mixer through this port. Mixed bus (left and right channel output at the same time) or group bus output to left or right channel.