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Audio is not messing around, share home theater placement

Audio is an art worth studying. It is not just a set of expensive equipment that means it can produce good results. It needs the cooperation of all aspects, such as sound source, power amplifier, placement, debugging, etc., which will restrict you. Effect. Just like making a good dish, you don’t have to have expensive ingredients to make it. You must have a good cook and master the heat to make a good dish, so does the sound.

Today, I will chat with you about the sound placement. Positioning is very important, and it can be a thousand miles away if you miss it. Bad placement will definitely not produce good results. For a cinema with dynamic, high frequency, and high frequency like Red EX, if you have a reasonable placement method according to your own room, let alone 10,000 yuan, even a 20,000-dollar theater can break your wrists. Well, let me introduce to you some of the more common placement methods.

1. Conventional placement method:
Applicable room: living room of about 25 square meters. The most common living room area for the public is a nearly square shape. Not too flat and long. No complicated shape stitching.

Positioning method: The center speaker is facing the emperor's seat, and the two sets of left and right channel main speakers form an included angle of 22°-30° from the center axis to the left and right. A pair of wrap-around boxes to be placed on either side of the emperor's seat. The subwoofer is placed between a pair of main speakers, either left or right.
Make sure that the distance between the center and the two floor boxes is the same, and the middle finger is slightly behind.

Note that any loudspeaker must be directly facing the human ear, and no obstruction is allowed in the middle. Any blocking will affect the final soundstage effect.
Description: This is the most common placement method. I use this method.
Taking me as an example, my living room is about 22 square meters, 5.12 meters long and 4.3 meters wide. A rather modest rectangular living room. The sofa is close to the back wall and is about 4 meters long.
Fortunately, the design of my living room is relatively reasonable, and the TV wall is almost in the center of the living room. It is very convenient to place the theater in this way. The symmetrical centers of the two floor boxes basically coincide with the symmetrical centers of the room. This is the most perfect sound field, the most three-dimensional and real.