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How to choose home speakers

1. Smart speakers

Smart speakers have many functions, such as setting alarm clocks, telling stories, and asking about the weather. It is like a treasure chest. Moreover, the current smart speakers are not expensive, such as Xiao Ai, Tmall Genie, etc. The cost performance is also very high, suitable for home use. , as a voice assistant.

2. Multimedia speakers (computer speakers)

Most of the multimedia speakers are connected to the computer, with multi-channel stereo, the sound quality is much better than that of smart speakers, so it is very suitable for listening to songs and watching movies, and the price is also very cheap.

3. HiFi speakers:

HIFI is a professional speaker, the sound quality is very good, the listening experience is also very good, but the price is more expensive, the volume is also more expensive than the general speaker, suitable for use as a home theater.

4. Monitor speakers:

The monitor speakers are suitable for recording studios and audio studios. They can restore the original sound of the audio signal and experience the sound details more accurately. However, it is expensive and has high requirements on the space environment, which requires acoustic decoration of the room.